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About Me


Erin E. Collins studied ecology and wildlife management at Michigan Technological University and conducted her PhD research on Antarctic sea spider systematics and phylogeography at Central Michigan University. She subsequently worked as a fisheries geneticist for the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, where she investigated the genetic mechanisms associated with the migration of steelhead and Chinook salmon to inform conservation management of these fishes in the Columbia River Basin. She is currently a postdoc in Dr. Meek's lab at Michigan State University and researches conservation genomics of Chinook salmon in California's Central Valley. Her research interests lie in uncovering genetic diversity and population dynamics to aid conservation efforts of imperiled organisms.


Published in Frontiers in Genetics
March 2022
Presented at American Fisheries Society
November 2021
Published in Ecology and Evolution
August 2020
Hired as fisheries geneticist by CRITFC
June 2019
Defended PhD Dissertation
February 2019
Presented at The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
January 2019
Published in The Biological Bulletin
June 2018
Science Communication and Outreach Workshop at the Detroit Zoo
January 2018
Published in Journal of Great Lakes Research
February 2017
NSF Advanced  Training Program in Antarctica for Early Career Scientists
Summer 2016
Hired as postdoc in the Meek lab at Michigan State University
January 2023
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